C.Seabird McKeon


I AM:  A bit shy, but friendly, stoked on all the best that life has to offer: waves and water, friends and family, flying, surfing, forests, mountains, travel, critters, naps in sunpuddles, bare feet in rainpuddles, playing music with friends, comfortable silences, geekiness and flying the freak flag, a warm wind against a shaved skull, letting the salt dry on your skin, honesty, trust, startling moments of clarity, muddling your way through, feathers, southern manners, old books, the smell of a hat borrowed from a friend, tunes that make your foot thump involuntarily, passion, bravery, challenges, fireflies, starlight, spending all night in a tree, pelicans, lingering hugs and physically affectionate friends, dawn-patrol, anemone shrimp, moments when your head and your heart are on the same page, midnight swims in bioluminescent phytoplankton, new friends who feel like old pals.

I DO:  Natural History, Marine Biology, Rainforest Ecology, Biodiversity.  I am a student, teacher, author, consultant. 

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Current Projects: 

        The Evolution and Ecology of Coral Exosymbionts

        Decapod Systematics

        Reproductive Biology of Poison Frogs

        Evolution of Soaring Behaviors


        Field Guides and Children’s Books


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